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Discussion in 'General' started by Dionysus, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Dionysus

    Dionysus New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have been using a VPS for my CMS's (Joomla,SugarCRM and OpenAds)

    I recently moved to a shared hosting using litespeed, and it was incredible!

    I have never seen my site load so quickly and I was very :D .

    Unfortunately, my CPU usage was high, so they had to shut my site off and suggested I move to a dedicated server.

    SO this was the price I was quoted:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Dual Core
    2GB DDR2-667 Memory
    2x 250GB SATA 7,200RPM HDD
    Hardware RAID 1
    1,500GB Premium Data Transfer
    100mbit/s port
    $369 per month, with $249 setup.
    * Fully Managed (24x7x365 monitoring & support)
    * Free DirectAdmin License
    * Free LiteSpeed License
    * Free 20GB Remote Backup

    At the moment, I don't have the budget for this. So I wanted to know as a real novice with only a resellers cpanel experience, if I would be able to easily install litespeed and manage it myself.


    1) What type of server would i need to lease( Managed Server, Private Server?)

    2) What other software must I install with litespeed?

    3) Is it easy to manage for a novice?

    4) which License do I need?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    LiteSpeed is very easy to manage, and you can always as for help here. There are some server administrators familiar with LiteSpeed can help you if something cannot be fixed by yourself.
    If you want to manage the server yourself, no need to order managed server.
    You should have a hosting control panel like directadmin or cPanel, it will help you a lot.
    For LiteSpeed license, 2-CPU should be the best choice, but if you are on a budget, 1-CPU should work well for you as well as you site is PHP/MySQL powered.
  3. Dionysus

    Dionysus New Member

    Hi Mistwang,

    Thank you for your reply.

    So I can just lease any dedicated server w/ directadmin

    and from there, I can install litespeed?
  4. Dionysus

    Dionysus New Member

    Cpanel or DirectAdmin

    I have heard DirectAdmin is better for litespeed, is this true?

    and what operating system would be most optimized?

  5. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Yes, you can install LiteSpeed yourself. DirectAdmin or cPanel both are good. DirectAdmin use less resource I believe.

    I suggest you go with the most popular operating system. Linux, maybe CentOS 5.
  6. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    That server setup is okie but too expensive.
  7. brrr

    brrr Well-Known Member

    Yes, what you are being offered is perhaps *way* more hardware than you need if you are just graduating from a VPS or shared hosting, and aren't running HUGE sites, and also therefore very expensive.

    Benchmark them against even some of the dedicated server big boys and you see that they are perhaps too pricey:



    And yes installing a control panel (there are lots, inc some good free ones) and litespeed is pretty easy.

    Setting a server up right (eg to be secure etc) takes more work and learning, of course, but certainly is doable for non rocket scientists.
  8. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    I agree with brrr too.

    medium size server would make more sense since he is in budget too.
  9. Chris Patti

    Chris Patti Member

    I would recommend an entry level from Softlayer who Is a leader in dedicated servers.

    Then hire Platinum Server Management (PSM) to manage your server for 30 dollars a month (Excellent Company!)

    Then buy a one or two core Litespeed license,

    Thats an ideal solution and would run you about $220 a month(Its REALLY worth it)

    If you need a cheaper server than Softlayer(A Premium prover) can give you check out Volumedrive
  10. QuantumNet

    QuantumNet Well-Known Member

    Hello, not sure what the forum rules are on this so please correct me if I am off basis.

    It does not seem like you need a dedicated solution to me, you have a few sites that survived well in a shared enviroment until now.

    Like mistwang suggested Directadmin is your best choice for an optimized control panel.

    Like the previous poster stated Softlayer is a great datacenter, in fact they are ex employees of theplanet which another person here recommended, but softlayer did it better. We currently host all our customers in Softlayer and have never been happier.

    In regards to your needs, we currently have several servers which have been sub-devided into what we call Virtual Dedicated Servers and not the more common term of VPS/Virtual Private Servers.

    The difference is VPS providers oversell their resources in order to offer extremly low price points which in turn leads to degraded performance and generally gives the customer a bad perception of what Virtualization is all about.

    With Virtual Dedicated Servers we have built our servers with massive specs and sub devide each system into a set of customers so you get every last bit of resource that you pay for. This ensures that your performance will not degrade and you will not be affected by other customers.

    Another benefit of this is that you will be able to scale your websites as you grow, saving you money upfront. If at any time your websites do require the power of a true dedicated server the VPS can be live migrated to the new server with little to no downtime.

    To speed up your sites even further and enhance the reliability of your hosting if you choose we can host your VDS from an iSCSI array. Which is 100+ Disk SCSI Storage array.

    I would be glad to discuss pricing and help you get setup with a solution that is not only more affordable than what you are currently looking at but will better suit your needs in terms of reliability, performance and administration worries.

    Please PM me if you are interested.


  11. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    He was in VPS, he need Dedicated server:
  12. QuantumNet

    QuantumNet Well-Known Member

    Hi you oviously did not read my post before replying, I did not recommend a VPS I recommended a scalable VDS Virtual Dedicated server, there is a difference and he would be getting the power of a dedicated server for a fraction of the price which can easily be scaled to more powerful quad quad core systems with no downtime if he ever needed it.
  13. brrr

    brrr Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, what is the technology that a VDS uses? I know about 'classic' VPS technology like Xen/Virtuozzo/VMWare etc, but am not across how a VDS may be implemented.

    I have seen a few hosts implementing what they call 'VDS', sometimes on even cheapo $3.95/ month shared accounts, and wondered what it really meant and how it was implemented.

    Is it just another name for process and privilege isolation (eg jailing and suexec?) rather than complete memory/disk/CPU etc compartmentalization?
  14. QuantumNet

    QuantumNet Well-Known Member

    If you took the time to read my first post, you would have seen that I explained the difference between VDS and VPS.

    If you know a company advertising $3 VDS then he is in no way offering a true VDS. The main difference between VPS and VDS is that VPS are constructed of several small VMs and in the case of openVZ usually always oversold in order to compensate for low price offerings.

    With our VDS, Virtual Dedicated Server Line, they are just that a virtual dedicated server, we take a massive system all Quad Cores, with a 16GB of RAM and mount each VPS to a 100+ Disk iSCSI array which solves the issues of storage speed found in typical VPS setups. Each VPS is then assigned 1 or 2 cores guaranteed depending on package but the load can be evenly split across all cores on the system 4 to 8 depending on which server they are on.

    What this means is the person is getting the power of a P4 Core 2 Duo with faster disk read and write times than they would ever achieve from a single dedicated server if they purchased one. So we adopted VDS, it is not our fault if some companies choose to market standard vps as a VDS.

    It also means that if the customer needs scalability that we can transfer them to a dedicated quad core and as far up as a quad processor quad core system if they ever needed that much power and we can do this with no downtime to them, it saves you money by going this route because you can scale only as you need it and not have to worry about when you need that extra power.
  15. brrr

    brrr Well-Known Member

    Tell that to these guys:

    Sounds pretty exactly the same as your blurb about VDS.

    Are you sure you are not just one of their re-sellers :p
  16. QuantumNet

    QuantumNet Well-Known Member

    Hi there buddy, there is no need to be a forum troll,

    No we are not one of their resellers, we are not a reseller period. Our virtualization technology is OpenVZ but as stated our setup is much more complex than a typical VPS setup which gives a person the true power of a dedicated server at the fraction of the cost. We dont participate in small end oversold VPS.
  17. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    To my understanding,

    Your server have plenty of RAM (16GB) and maybe 4 cores CPU, but your client does not have all of them, they still get only the resources allocated ( depends on package, 256Mb ram, 512MB ram, 1GB RAM....) and even less CPU power i guess.
    In other words, you have bigger server then you put more VDS on it.

    The thread owner was suggested to get a Dedicated hosting then obviously he was not in 3$ VPS, so most likely he had something like 30$/month with at least 256MB
  18. QuantumNet

    QuantumNet Well-Known Member

    WHy do you guys keep twisting my posts around you stated nothing to do with what I posted and have absolutely no relation or truth to what I offer or wrote, before making such replies you should actually read what someone wrote.

    This forum is full of trolls and I will never post here again, biggest damn mistake.
  19. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    I am not trying to twists your posts.

    Since it is a FORUM, people can discuss for whatever they want as long as it does not violate the rules. And of course you can correct me if i am wrong.
  20. QuantumNet

    QuantumNet Well-Known Member

    Hi Fastproxy, if you read up through my many posts I have specifically wrote why my service consititutes a Virtual Dedicated Server, that is very scalable. And not the typical VPS that has 256MB of RAM and shared CPU.

    But everyone keeps coming in and commenting without reading the posts and it is very annoying in that I should not have to repeat myself 1000 different ways just to keep people from getting the wrong idea based off someones post.

    Quite frankly I am upset with myself for ever posting in these forums as it was a mistake and waste of time. I was simply explaining to the guy what things would suit him best and save him money, but got slammed by everyone for doing so. Same reason we never post on WebHosting talk because of stuff like this
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