Ideal Process Soft Limit, and Hard Limit

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  1. In External Application Resource what would be the ideal values for the following

    -Process Soft Limit
    -Process Hard Limit

    for a 8Gig RAM, 4core server, 2core lightspeed licences and vhost a total on 300.

    Also should values on Server -> Security -> External Application Resources be similar with Server -> External App -> lsphp5 ?
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    > Server -> Security -> External Application Resources
    not exist

    for "ideal Process Soft Limit, and Hard Limit", default one is good for most cases.

    for example lsphp5, you can
    pstree -p|grep lsphp5 |wc
    to know how many lsphp5 are running on your server.
    you can set the limit big enough, say 1000,2000, i.e., almost no limit, see if your system load is too high.
  3. these are the values I got with the server: 6 13 486

    What does that mean?
  4. NiteWave

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    that mean they are only 6 lsphp5 process running on the server.

    the process limit is to limit the number of running processes.

    you see, your server is quite idle, only 6 processes running, there is no difference you set set limit to 200 or 300.
  5. just an educational question I getting 6 processes running in my other servers is this normal? or is there something that needs to be corrected to increase it?
  6. NiteWave

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    it's normal. more lsphp processes will be forked if your traffic increase. if only 6 lsphp process can handle your current traffic well, why not more ?
  7. where do I set it to encrease it?
  8. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    it's increased automatically --- when your traffic increase, number of lsphp5 processes will increase automatically. when the traffic drop, the number decrease automatically.

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