Image optimisation

Hope I'm doing this correctly, and am having issues with this forum. Somehow I logged in, but when I try again, keeps telling me it's an invalid email address even though I confirmed it ?

The bug I found is within the wordpress plugin, I can't post in that forum however, can this thread be moved in there? The image optimisation, won't work with another plugin installed which I use for security. So I have to disable that plugin to get images optimised (WP-hide). However, forgetting that I sent an optimisation request, and it didn't optimise the last batch. I can't find a way to get Litespeed to optimise those that aren't optimised without adding them again, and deactivating the plugin. Even then , it only does so many.

Am sorry to post here, but it's the optimisation server that is causing the problems I guess. Also, and this is a major thing, it says to check media gallery for optimisations, my site almost times out waiting for the media gallery to load now (am guessing because the database size has increased massively with optimisation details.)

I could start over, but I do have a lot of images, and last time I had to disable security and it took almost two days.

Any chance of help? I did email support,they replied, I replied back and heard nothing since.