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i try to find out which image optimization i should use for a wordpress site with over 5000 images. As it takes very long with the cache plugin, i think about using as they have very good recommendations (about 60-70% losless reduction in size). On the other side i have very good results and speed with your optimization from the cache plugin. The reSmush is using the libraries PNGQuant, JPEGOptim and OptiPNG. May i ask if you know which would be better? Or which image optimization libraries you are using?
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We are using them actually and some others more. Basically we are using far more than reSmush is using if it only used those 3. And we are trying to get the best compression, some images even take 99 seconds to finish the optimization.
Here's the credit and level. If you finish image optimize success for some rounds, your level and credit will increase.

Credits per Level
  • Level 1: 50
  • Level 2: 100
  • Level 3: 500
  • Level 4: 1000
  • Level 5: 3000
  • Level 6: 5000
  • Level 7: 9000
Just pick one image optimize plugin to to the optimize, otherwise some conflict may happen.
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