Increase number of Concurrent External App Processes

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm wondering what can be done to increase the number of external app processes that can be run simultaneously?

    It seems like no matter what we set max connections to, or really any setting in external app (instances, childen processes, etc), the amount of requests the site will handle per second to php are ultimately about the same.

    In apache, we're used to apache just overloading the back-end and spiking the load. We get in a situation with apache where the site is crawling because the machine is overwhelmed. On litespeed we have the opposite issue, where litespeed won't push the machine to it's limits.

    I'm wondering if the number of external apps that are running comes into play. Is the solution to this load balancing between multiple external apps on the same machine?

    Are there better docs for load balancing than this:


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