Insane improvements

Hi guys,

I just purchased a few licenses of litespeed 4-core and thought I'd share what we found.

9 apache servers serving 80% php files, 20% static (mysql is remote)
server load 0.9

3 litespeed servers serving 80% php files, 20% static (mysql is remote)
server load 0.5

66% less servers and still a 50% server load cut!

Exact same server specs but a HUGE performance increase. We bought 3 licenses but as a result were able to discontinue 6 servers!! Not to mention we could comfortable server everything from 2 servers or even 1 but we're keeping 3 as a fail over solution.

Great improvement and a great product, I cannot tell you how much I strongly recommend this product!


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What about memory utilization? If you could provide more details, including the server specs and urls, we could add it to our case study in the blog. Thanks for the feedback. :)
Memory dropped a huge amount as well but memory is much easier to upgrade than a CPU on a server that's starving but it does contribute to saving money.

Overall we paid 3 x $69 for licenses and saved 6 x $300 (for servers) and if we wanted to we could strip some memory out of the litespeed servers but we're keeping it in and using it now as backup memory.

I'm back in the office tomorrow and I will do a more comprehensive comparison by switching between apache and litespeed and checking for memory and IO footprints.