Issue with mobile caching in LScache plugin

i am using digital ocean 8GB ram and 16GB SSD , 4 core CPU

I have installed openlitespeed and added a wodpress sites ,
The issue i have been facing is after clearing the cache when i load the site is mobile it loads good , after tat when i load the site in desktop and load the site again in mobile i see desktop version for mobile .

I not sure whats the issue ! So now i have added wp rocket plugin on top of lscache and activated option for separate mobile cache in wp rcoket and its works , Right now i can view desktop and mobile version separately . So is there any issue with mobile caching ?Or am i doing something wrong


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Hi @Mithu

Have you enabled "Mobile Cache" within the LiteSpeed plugin in WordPress?

You'll find it under LiteSpeed Cache -> Settings -> [2] Cache, then if you scroll down, you'll see "Cache Mobile" - this one has to be set to "On" - it should also fill the list of mobile user agents automatically.

After this, save the settings and do a "Purge All" and it should be good to go!
Hi @lucasrolff
Thank you for your reply . Yes I have enabled it already . And it’s not working .
I have used this mobile detect php code for changing the style of menu when it’s mobile and desktop . Is it anything to do with that .
And added tat code in header.php
Hi @lucasrolff well it’s working now . I crawled all my pages for mobile and desktop . It worked some times I see desktop in mobile but when I purge tat page it loads good ..

But some pages still come in desktop for mobile . Don’t know . Y report abt it :)