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I'm trying to properly setup JIRA (https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira) under litespeed. The easiest option is to use standard "Proxy" context along with "Webserver" external app, but I'm trying to do it properly using AJP with "Java Web App" context.

First I changed configuration as described in "Step 1" of JIRA manual (https://confluence.atlassian.com/di...g+Apache+Reverse+Proxy+Using+the+AJP+Protocol) adding ip restriction to ("address" property as Tomcat manual describes). Next I added "Servlet Engine" under "External App" configured as below:

Following I added script handler for "jsp" files:

Finally I added "Java Web App" as context:

Unfortunately it doesn't work. Browsing to / gives me redirect to /secure/MyJiraHome.jspa which litespeed tries to locate in filesystem (and this file doesn't exists). However accessing /login.jsp gives nice clean login page which works until successful login where I get redirect to /secure/MyJiraHome.jspa.
I known nothing about java server apps, but I found that "jspa" is something like alias and not normal files.

Could you help me running JIRA on lsws?
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Sorry for the late response.

If "jspa" is not a real script in the file system. you should just define a servlet context to match *.jspa URLs.