Journal 3.1.6 Problem after purge Cache


I have no really plan what happen - when i create a new color or a create a new font in Journal3
Journal->Varibales->Colors or Font Family
it works fine. Its also fine when I refresh the oc cache to rebuild sass.

But when I click PurgeAllLitespeed Cache - i got a white page in Journal->variables->Colors or Font Family

The route=journal3/variable/all sent back a success.

  1. response: {count: 6, items: [{id: "ACCENT", name: "ACCENT", label: "ACCENT"},…]}
    1. count: 6
    2. items: [{id: "ACCENT", name: "ACCENT", label: "ACCENT"},…]
      1. 0: {id: "ACCENT", name: "ACCENT", label: "ACCENT"}
      2. 1: {id: "HEADINGS BOLD", name: "HEADINGS BOLD", label: "HEADINGS BOLD"}
      3. 2: {id: "BODY", name: "BODY", label: "BODY"}
      4. 3: {id: "HEADINGS", name: "HEADINGS", label: "HEADINGS"}
      5. 4: {id: "SERIF", name: "SERIF", label: "SERIF"}
      6. 5: {id: "Summer", name: "Summer", label: "Summer"}
  2. status: "success"
But the page is white. Have anybody a idea?

OC, Journal 3.1.6 and LitespeedCache the actual version, also the Enterprice Server.
Ok.. it look like a session or cookie problem from journal. After browser close and restart the page it works. Think its not a problem from the Cache module.