LiteMage 1.0.8 Released

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LiteMage 1.0.8 released today.

In this release we have added the LiteMage Version number to the module title under System > Configuration in the Magento Admin Panel for convenience. We have also added three new configuration options. The first two being the option to list customer defined block names associated with "welcome" and "toplinks" tags. This list will be saved in Magento's database and as such will be persistent through LiteMage updates. The last configuration option is the the ability to enable the use of alternative ESI syntax. This was added to act as an ESI syntax that only LiteMage and LiteSpeed Web Server are aware of to avoid conflicts created when certain other extensions attempt to parse LiteMage's output.

Full Release Log:

We have been receiving some very positive feedback from LiteMage users. With successful deployments of LiteMage to live sites on Magento Community Edition 1.7,1.8,1.9 as well as Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14, we are excited to see what the future hold for our LiteMage extension!

If you are running the Enterprise edition of LSWS and have not tried LiteMage yet, now is the perfect time. The LiteMage module is free until April 2016, plenty of time to get a feel for the advantages it provides over other Magento full page caches. If you have already tried LiteMage, we would really appreciate you rating and reviewing it on our connect page! :)

LiteMage Magento Connect page:

If you have any question or issues involving LiteMage, have a look at our recently improved LiteMage wiki pages at
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