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  1. After using Litespeed again the Wordfence (Wordpress plug in) scanner 'hangs' or runs indefinitely on all WordPress websites on a VPS with Cloudlinux OS ( plus cageFS and phpSelector ) WHM/cPanel, Installatron, Litespeed and Configserver firewall.

    Returning back to Apache the Wordfence plug in surprisingly functions normally on three WordPress websites ..

    Also posted this issue with more details at under the existing topic: Wordfence is scanning forever !:
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    Is it possible to let us login to trouble shoot the problem.
    Need temp root login and WordPress admin to perform the scan.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply and offer of assistance.

    I am wondering whether using CloudFlare with Comodo WAF, modsecurity and Litespeed would not be a better solution as this apparently is being used by other webhosting companies.

    """Why not just use a provider who uses LiteSpeed (also with caching if needed), CSF, mod_security and Comodo WAF as they pretty much do the same thing. But please correct me if I misunderstood what you meant.

    We have been using Comodo WAF (similar to what WordFence, BulletProof etc do) and very happy with it. So far, so good anyway.

    More and more providers are starting to use Comodo WAF now."""


    The above post a part of a discussion thread on Wordfence:

    This route was also advised by CloudLinux.

    Comodo WAF seems to be compatible with Litespeed too we read.

    Meaning we could de-install WordFence once we know how to deploy Comodo WAF - Modsecurity - Litespeed - ...

    For starters it is unclear what to do with Configserver Firewall ( without any add-ons) already installed on our VPS ... ?

    On Comodo WAF and its WHM/cPanel plugin we have found a lot of information and seemingly clear instructions ..

    Whether Modsecurity would work well with Litespeed in view of a multitude of (confusing) postings is very unclear ..
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  5. Thank you for pointing me to this blog post !

    It states that of Wordfence 5.0.6 Beta Release:

    - Wordfence now officially supports Litespeed !

    - Wordfence is tested with Litespeed prior to release !

    - a fix to solve a problem with Falcon Engine ( cache ) and Litespeed


    In our case Wordfence 5.1.4 was used ..... .
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    Is anyone else having trouble with wordfence just hanging forever and not doing anything?
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