Litespeed cache some pages but some not magento 2.4

Hi There,

We have got migrated litespeed from one server to another server for magento 2.4.4. We noticed some pages are being cached but some are not. Like home page is cached and top level categories pages are cached but sub categories and cms pages are not being cached. Whenever we run in debug mode, it always gives below message

Header Match: x-litespeed-cache: miss

For litespeed cpanel plugin is used. Does anybody have idea what could be the reason ?

Thanks in Advance.


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Nothing seems to be wrong. Crawler script checks cache status and if status is "miss" then it requests URL again to cache it. If you run crawler again message for cache status should be "hit".
@Pong Thanks for the reply. We added vary to varypass and it resolved our issue. Tech Support suggested us to add 'product_list_dir'. But how would we know that which variable we need to add ? Maybe I am missing something in documentation.