Litespeed can't use virtual host roots on NFS

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by philwo, Dec 3, 2006.

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    I may have found a bug concerning docroots stored on an NFS-server.. maybe it's a configuration issue instead, but I just can't find my error. I configured my Litespeed 2.2.6 Standard server to use virtual host document roots which are stored on a NFS-server and mounted to the local directory /export/www/. The problem is, that everything I checked suggested, that it should work, but Litespeed simply says in the logfile:

    I did an strace of a litespeed startup which told me the following:

    You see, everything seems to work, but Litespeed still believes there is an error. I even tried exporting the directory with no_root_squash, but this didn't changed anything. The permissions are correct and I can list the contents of the docroot in my shell without problems:

    I just can't find the reason for this error :( When I mirror the directory to my local harddisk on the www server and reconfigure Litespeed to use this directory instead of the nfs-export, it works ...

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    It is pretty strange to me as well. Is there any symbolic link along the path?
    Anyway, it is not a good idea to host website over NFS, it is pretty slow as I/O opteration over NFS will block the server process. Better to host website on local harddisk and sync with master copy of web site on remote server if need.

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