litespeed cant work with setup python app


When i create some application in setup python app and goto url i see list of file on host and nothing show python application
But when switch to apache problem is resolved
Note: in setup nodejs app the same problem exists, but when I stop the program and restarted it will be solved!
Do you use CloudLinux python selector and nodejs selector? Make sure your apps working on apache first.
yes work with apache
yes cloudLinux python selector
i have two server and first have ok and new server with centos 7 have problem
in first server python run in top command
/opt/alt/python36/bin/lswsgi -m /home/username/idia/
but secound is
/home/perfumer/virtualenv/projectName/3.6/bin/python3.6 /opt/passenger-5.3.7-3.el7.cloudlinux/src/helper-scripts/
how to resolve this?
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