LiteSpeed, CMS and active lsphp processes

Discussion in 'General' started by SAngeli, May 30, 2012.

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    on the website I am hosted with LiteSpeed, I face a common issue (I assume) where anytime I try to access a website run by a CMS (Joomla or Drupal in this case) it takes a several seconds to load (sometimes even 15) where if I access a static webpage it is instantaneous.

    I was told this issue depends on the "active lsphp processes (PHP processes) which needs to be respawned"
    Until a proper and final solution is taken and implemented by the hosting provider is there anything that I can do so that a website run by a CMS reacts promptly and speedily? What tools can I look into (either external from the hosting provider) or to ask the provider to. External I assume would be easier.

    To be precise, this happens only when nobody access/visit the website with a prolonged idle time. Instead, if I check the website actively or after 5 minutes or so it is very fast.

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    CMS usually require backend database access. So the issue could be db access takes time after extended idle time.

    You can create a simple hello or phpinfo php script that does not require db access to test your case.

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