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Discussion in 'General' started by flip-flop, Apr 15, 2010.

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    We are from a average size web hosting company.While i brows he internet i found this product.Sounds like sweet.but i though to get your ideas,experiences and recommendations before move to litespeed.

    If any of you are using litespeed for a shared,Reseller,VPS,Dedicated web hosting servers.please post your success/unsuccess stories here.This will be a help for all new comers to the litespeed.

    And friends all our servers are Intel Duel Xeon 5410 processors,16GB RAM.what litespeed package is best for our servers.This processor has 4cores & 4threads.please recommend us with your experience.And i can't understand that 1CPU,2CPU,4CPU package.is it means "1CPU=1Server" or "1CPU=1core".

    Finally is your license is "license per agent" or "license per server"

    Please help me to understand litespeed.And i'll put this thread link on my communities.

    Thank you
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