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Discussion in 'LiteSpeed Cache General' started by bino oetomo, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. bino oetomo

    bino oetomo Member

    Dear All ....

    Is it true that LiteSpeed for Wordpress store it's configuration/seting paramaters inside 'wp_option' table?
    Since I found some records with option_name value like :
    | litespeed-adv-purge_all_hooks              |
    | litespeed-banner-promo                     |
    | litespeed-banner-promo-slack               |
    | litespeed-cache_uri_priv                   |
    | litespeed-cache-cdn_mapping                |
    | litespeed-cache-conf                       |
    | litespeed-cache-dns_prefetch               |
    | litespeed-cache-drop_qs                    |
    | litespeed-cache-exclude-cache-roles        |
    | litespeed-cache-exclude-optimization-roles |
    | litespeed-cache-vary-group                 |
    | litespeed-ccss-summary                     |
    | litespeed-cdn-ori_dir                      |
    | litespeed-crawler-as-uids                  |
    | litespeed-excludes_uri                     |
    | litespeed-forced_cache_uri                 |
    | litespeed-log_ignore_filters               |
    | litespeed-log_ignore_part_filters          |
    | litespeed-media-lazy-img-excludes          |
    | litespeed-media-placeholder-summary        |
    | litespeed-media-webp_attribute             |
    | litespeed-object_global_groups             |
    | litespeed-object_non_persistent_groups     |
    | litespeed-optm_excludes                    |
    | litespeed-optm-ccss-separate_posttype      |
    | litespeed-optm-css                         |
    | litespeed-optm-css-separate_uri            |
    | litespeed-optm-js-defer-excludes           |
    | litespeed-setting-mode                     |
    | litespeed-timestamp-purge-css              |

    If so , is it true that some configuration value (i.e : litespeedcache/setting/advance) are stored under option_name 'litespeed-cache-conf' of that table?

    Background of question : I'm writing of simple script to auto install wordpress including LS-Cache plugin whenever a user is created in WHM.

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  2. Michael A

    Michael A Administrator Staff Member

    Hello bino,

    I think you might be correct on your assumption. I am curious as to why you would need to modify the database to accomplish this though.

    Have you taken a look at our cli script for enabling our WordPress Cache plugin in a WHM/cPanel env?

    You might be able to add a call to the script to get what you want done.

    We also have similar capabilities in our WHM plugin itself:

    Recently one of our clients also put together a way to have the plugin auto installed when installing WordPress through Softaculous:

    Hopefully some of these resources might be useful in accomplishing your goal.

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  3. bino oetomo

    bino oetomo Member

    Dear Sir.
    I really appreciate your very fast response.
    I'll take a look an all reference in your response.

  4. bino oetomo

    bino oetomo Member

    Dear Sir.
    I just take a look on all reference you suggest to me.

    Unfortunately, no one fit my requrement.
    My case is :
    First, I don't use softaculous.
    Second, I user LSMCD with SASL

    I want each time I create an account on WHM, the system will :
    1. Create SASL account at LSMCD host
    2. create a single wordpress site for that account including installing/enabling LSCache
    3. Configure the LSCache-WP According to that account

    Actualy Most of LSCache configuration is the same between all site, except :
    A. Memcached Username and Password, and
    B. Memcached Address and port , just in case I have/Need multiple LSMCD host.

    My Current Approach is :
    1. I created a 'master' site. with all necesary LSCache configuration. Make a zip of it's public_html directory (Let's name it Dump it's database to master.sql and add itto Safe it to /opt/myhook/
    2. Create a WHM hook script, bind it to Account::Create with stage 'post' , that do :
    2.a. Copy /opt/myhook/ to /home/new_user/public_html/
    2.b. Extract
    2.c. Modify wp-config.php
    2.d. Modify master.sql. About LSCACHE I ONLY modify 'litespeed-cache-conf' record of wp_options table,i.e :
    2.d.1. from "cache_object_user\";s:4:\"old_user_name\" to "cache_object_user\";s:4:\"new_user_name\"
    2.d.1. from "cache_object_pswd\";s:6:\"old_user_pwd\" to "cache_object_user\";s:6:\"new_user_pwd\"

    So long, the result is :
    1. New WP Site created, accesible as expected
    2. LSCache-WP Installed, but
    3. All LSCache-WP configuration is missing (back to default). All switches is 'NO', all string field is blank

  5. bino oetomo

    bino oetomo Member

    Arg .... SOLVED

    I found that I need to take care the 'length' of each value.

    I.e : from "cache_object_user\";s:4:\"bino\" to "cache_object_user\";s:5:\"james\"

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  6. Michael A

    Michael A Administrator Staff Member

    Ah clever and good catch :)

    Happy to hear that you've sorted it out. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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