LiteSpeed License is making it impossible to run user generated / web2.0 websites

Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by MichaelB, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. tandyuk

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    CDN for adult site.

    Well this thread worries me.
    We are about to purchase 3 owned licences for 8cpu systems, to run a CDN for one of our customers who runs an adult site.

    Most worrying is the lack of your licence on the site.
    I can add to cart and get to the checkout, all without EVER having seen the licence which allegedly prevents the use of your software for adult related content.

    Please provide a link to the FULL licence, and clarify WHY litespeed tries to impose restrictions on what customers can and cant use their software for. (I also believe in the UK attempting to impose such restrictions would be considered illegal in itself)

    In my opinion, if i buy an OWNED copy of litespeed, What i choose to use it for is up to me, and you have no legal basis for attempting to impose these restrictions.
  2. webizen

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    See link to EULA (includes trial, permanent use)

    For owned license, owner should still comply with our EULA.


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