Litespeed memory limits calculation ?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by wanah, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I've just installed ZendOpcache on PHP 5.3 (editing it's hard coded list to allow litespeed) and am testing with 2GB of cache while watching the logs to make sure everything is going well.

    I'm running lsphp deamon mode

    The shared memory has already hit 2GB per php process :

    122968 user1 20 0 2335m 30m 6668 S 15.5 0.0 0:01.37 lsphp5
    123149 user1 20 0 2323m 23m 14m S 20.9 0.0 0:00.75 lsphp5

    All the processes are sharing the same 2GB of shared memory.

    How does litespeed calculate it's amount of memory used ?

    If I have 50 active processes each using 40MB of redidual memory and all sharing the 2GB shared memory the total memoy consumption would be :

    (50 * 40) + 2048 = 4048

    Does litespeed count this situation as 4048MB or (not counting multiple times the shared memory) or does it count the shared memory for each process ?

    If it coun'ts the shared memory for each process then I will have to set the memory limits for lsphp to maybe more memory than the server has, however if litespeed calculates the real amount of memory used for all the php processes then I shouldn't have a problem and should be able to increase Zend Opcache's memory to maybe even as high as 10GB.
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    The memory limit is for individual process, not the sum of all PHP processes started by the daemon.

    It should be 40 + 2048, if you increase share memory to 10240, the set limit above 40+10240 + head room.

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