Litespeed on VPS CloudLinux OS with cPanel or Interworx and Installatron ?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by webking_amsterdam, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. For new VPS offerings we are currently looking into the following configurations and should much appreciate your professional feedback and or user experiences for assessing the technical viability:

    (1) a VPS ( initially CentOS) upgraded to using CloudLinux (OS) with control panel cPanel and Litespeed

    Additionally we would like to add a one click application installer functionality: Installatron

    (2) a VPS ( initially CentOS) upgraded to using CloudLinux (OS) but now with Interworx Control Panel and Litespeed

    For the above we would like to similarly add a one click application installer: Installatron

    We have seen a few webhosting companies ( e.g. ) that seem to be using the CLoudLinux + Litespeed + cPanel + an automatic installer ( Installatron ? ) hence our interest.
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  2. dgtl

    dgtl Member

    When you combine CloudLinux with LiteSpeed, you actually get excellent results. Installatron, from my our personal experience, is the best application autoinstaller in the market.

    I'll have to advise you to go with cPanel v/s Interworx. Nothing wrong with Interworx, it's just my preference.
  3. Ben

    Ben New Member

    I'm personally a big InterWorx fan. It doesn't include Installatron by default, but you could probably install it. Cloudlinux & Litespeed both work with InterWorx.
    You could check out this post about Litespeed on InterWorx as well.

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