LiteSpeed Review A+


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I,d just like to post a little review to my experience of switching from Apache to LiteSpeed on my VPS.

VPS Spec:

Hosted on an X3440, 8GB Node With RAID-10.

I have been an LiteSpeed user for around 15 day's now and all i can do is praise it.

Before i made the switch from Apache i was debating cost vs performance and after using it for a while i can clearly see that the cost vs performance ratio is a worth while investment.

On Apache i was using around 700MB Ram now using LiteSpeed am only using around 450MB Ram.

I wanted to bring the VPS Ram level to the 512MB mark to lower my footprint on the node and its blown away all of my expectations so fair by coming down to 450MB.

The VPS feels alot more responsive and snappy which is fantastic.

Installation was seemless and flawless (Installed by an experienced LiteSpeed admin).

The Admin Console within WHM is a very nice feature :)

I havent been able to test any of the DDos capabilitys yet as i havent had an attack, But from what other people say am sure it will exceed my expectations in that department.

The license price vs ram saving's is fantastic.

Thanks for reading.
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