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    I run many web proxies designed to help people with censored internet access -- a list of them can be found on (this page is on a apache vps but ALL links on it go to sites hosted with litespeed--my vps does not get much traffic but if ever needed it i'll get litespeed vps)

    my servers are setup like this: Q6600 (quad core) / centos (no software but ssh/yum and whatever the os installs on its own) / 4 gb of ram -- litespeed 2 cpu license -- php 5.2.10 (and now 5.3) with apc

    before switching to litespeed i was lucky if the server could reach 40 mbit/sec of traffic without apache maxing out the ram and the server becoming unresponsive (which made me reboot it during peak traffic -- i'm sure that turned many people away from the sites)

    at the time i had 2 of these servers each would max out around 40 mbit/sec -- after reading on steadfasts blog about litespeed i decided to give it a try and never went back

    the servers now reach their shared bandwidth limit way before litespeed even thinks about getting overloaded (hosted at fdc with a 100 mbit shared link -- i've gotten 90 through it and litespeed didnt think twice) -- i've thought about downgrading from the quad core cpu to a dual core but the price difference is only 30$ a month and it might push the dual a bit to hard so i've just kept the quad core servers

    also recently i took advantage of the standard license and setup multiple single core servers to handle nothing but video -- 150 max connections streaming youtube > server (litespeed) > usage turns out to around 60 mbit /sec which litespeed standard on a 1 cpu server with 1 gb of ram doesnt hesitate one bit

    so at first i was able to basically double what a $189 / month server was able to do for $38/month

    then i was able to take a TON of bandwidth use off the more expensive 189(server)+38(litespeed) server by getting multiple single core servers and using the standard license on them

    so this is to anyone who thinks spending money on software is not worth it... at least give it a try because you might be surprised by how much you can save on server cost by paying for a software license
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Regarding streaming youtube > server (litespeed), can you shed some light how to implement it in theory? any proxy software used?
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    it's a extremely modified copy of the php script called glype

    here's a screenshot from today when i fooled the load balancer into thinking one server was full so it would send all requests to one server

    got to 66.1 Mb/s (66.1%) before i un did the change on the balancer

    load was still low and videos loading quickly even while 66 mbit was going out

    this is on a single core server as well so i am quite happy with the results
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    I am having problems getting this running properly with glype.

    Once the sites gets around 80+ users online its slow as anything... I normally get over 400 users online
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    Could be because your Servers internet is to slow most vps's and dedicated is shared so you cannot get the full strength out of it unless you buy unshared ports ofcourse

    which mean's sometimes you will have a good connection and sometimes not

    oh great posted on old thread sorry :S
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