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Discussion in 'General' started by iUnknown, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Where will my litespeed web server start/stop logs be situated? Litespeed is failing to start and it tells me to look at logs.

    I get: ./ autoupdate/ docs/ LICENSE.OpenLDAP php/ VERSION
    ../ bin/ fcgi-bin/ LICENSE.OpenSSL phpbuild/
    add-ons/ conf/ lib/ LICENSE.PHP share/
    admin/ DEFAULT/ LICENSE logs/ tmp/

    Located in /opt/lsws but I don't think that logs directory contains the logs I'm looking for... not 100% though.

    I have cpanel and going to urls like domain.com/cpanel and domain.com/whm which somehow redirect to ports on the server eg. domain.com:2082 were giving the 503 temporarily unavailable error. So I restart litespeed and now it won't start.

    Temporarily I'm on apache but it doesn't work well on my server and I need to be back on litespeed asap.

    I'm paying for a leased license and haven't touched anything to do with the license, just tried to restart litespeed.

  2. iUnknown

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    Apparantly there was a problem with my files, reinstalling litespeed solved the issue. Thank you George from the litespeed tech support team.

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