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    Howdy all,

    We are looking for users to participate in case studies to be published on our site.

    Recently, we published two case studies showing users switching WordPress and XenForo sites to LiteSpeed. We'd like to showcase more stories with varied use cases. We are looking for users or resellers who would like to share their stories and who can present data to show the LiteSpeed difference. We're interested in data showing the switch between Apache, Apache + nginx, or nginx and LiteSpeed Web Server. Graphs showing load, memory usage, CPU usage, response time, etc. are very useful. We will also need traffic statistics and hardware and software specs. We will share the name and logo of the user/site and link to any sites mentioned. Suggested use cases include shared hosting, vBulletin sites, Magento sites, Joomla! sites, and Drupal sites.

    If you are interested in having your story on our site, contact us at sales[at]litespeedtech[dot]com. If have any questions, feel free to email or ask them below.


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