LS work with Webmin?

Discussion in 'General' started by fastproxy, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    hi, does LS work with Webmin control panel?
  2. brrr

    brrr Well-Known Member

    Which part - do you mean the Webmin front-end onto configuring the Apache web server? I think that since all Webmin is doing is writing to the various Apache config files, it should work OK if LSWS is under the hood and configured to pretend to be Apache.

    But there is no Webmin module specifically for LSWS, if that's what you mean. There would be no point, since LSWS has its own web front-end.

    Otherwise, Webmin itself runs under its own webserver. It has no dependency issues with LSWS or any other web servers.
  3. fastproxy

    fastproxy Well-Known Member

    I meant if LS competible with Webmin,

    Since document only state that LS competible with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Enzim
  4. PSS

    PSS Well-Known Member

    Litespeed has its own GUI so there is no need for a Webmin module. Webmin does not take over system like Plesk and others, so everything is compatible with it.

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