LSCWP feature request

Would be very helpful to have LSCWP automatically purge the cache when any plugin is updated.

It would make reviewing the site operation after updating plugins much easier.


LiteSpeed Staff
Staff member
I'm thinking:
1. auto purge when any plugin updated as you suggested
2. has a quick purge as a sticky top bar on any admin screen. so you can easily purge all.
I would prefer option2, as option1 may not necessarily mean you have to purge all. for eg. when you upgrade a plugin, which does not affect any page content.
What do you think?
2. I like the sticky top bar quick purge option.

re. option 1. It's important to note that we don't really know how a plugin update will affect the page content/site layout. Even though a plugin could be unrelated to page content, still doesn't guarantee that an update won't affect page layout. That is why I think the auto purge on any plugin update would be an important feature.


LiteSpeed Staff
Staff member
so you mean you prefer auto purge on plugin update, meanwhile, also add a feature for top bar quick purge?
Yes, in our experience the auto-purge with any plugin update is a required feature. I also think the top bar quick purge would be a great addition to the plugin. Auto-purge would be our priority