LSLB causing internal server error 500?


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We recently installed a trial of LSLB.
Now google is reporting "Increase in server errors" trough google webmaster tools.
The errors seem to have started the same day we installed LSLB and it's mostly error 500. Some 503 errors too.

What could be the problem?


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No suggestions? What could be the cause for this?

Google webmaster tools has a clear increase in 500/503 errors. Before LSLB was instaleld it was nearly '0' errors all the time.
Now with LSLB installed it's at 500 - 700 a day.


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Okay, so there are no planned updates for lslb in a short time window. And support seems to be close to nothing...

Why on earth should we buy lslb then? It's causing 503 errors a lot and no support is given...