lsphp74 gd missing

I have installed lsphp74 on LiteSpeed Enterprise 6.0.9 on an Ubuntu server. When I compiled PHP 7.4.20 I added "--with-gd". However, it does not appear that GD is installed as it doesn't appear in a phpinfo() output, and invoking gdinfo() returns an undefined function error. Doing an apt-cache search for lsphp74-gd does not find anything. How can I install and access GD? I got imagick installed, but a plugin (Nextgen Gallery) appears to need GD.
Yes, I had seen that in another post. But, lsphp74-common is already installed and gd was still not found. I ended up finding the extension in the /usr/lib/php/2019 directory and copied that to my lsphp74 PHP directory, then modified php.ini with and phpinfo() now shows gd is available.