LSWS 2.2.1 + Ruby LSAPI 1.7

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LiteSpeed Staff
LiteSpeed Web Server 2.2.1 and Ruby LSAPI 1.7 have been released. These are maintenance upgrades.

Download LSWS:
Download RubyLSAPI:

Changelog for LiteSpeed Web Server 2.2.1:

* Updated: Realtime report updated to display status of Rails application
* Updated: RailsRunner.rb has been updated to deal with DB connection errors.
* Updated: Support for RedirectMatch, and Redirect directives in .htaccess has been improved.
* Updated: Admin interface will now allow access of config related files under /etc/.
* Fixed: PHP SuEXEC problem for vhost configured through Apache httpd.conf when both PHP 4 and 5 are configured.

Changelog for Ruby LSAPI 1.7:

* Updated: Change default of LSAPI_MAX_REQS to 1,000,000 from 1,000.
* Fixed: Missing environment variables set in Rails configuration.
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