LSWS 4.2.10 Released

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Howdy all,

LSWS 4.2.10 was just released. This version contains a number of new features and bug fixes, but two features are especially important:

  • Proxying to an HTTPS backend (for support of cPanel subdomain proxies among other things)
  • A fix for the license issue with 4.2.9 (announced earlier)
More information about these improvements can be found in our latest blog post.

Here are the other changes from the release log:
  • New feature: Added logic to tolerate missing "-" at the beginning or ending of an SSL certificate and key file.
  • New feature: Added logic to escape special characters in access log following Apache's method.
  • New feature: Added support for context in Apache httpd.conf.
  • Improved detection of HTTPS request to an HTTP port. Reduces blocking due to "Bad Request".
  • Fixed bug: Apache and LiteSpeed have different values for SERVER_PORT behind an HTTP proxy.
  • Fixed bug: Block Bad Request setting could not be turned off from WebAdmin console.
As always, the release will only be available through direct download and lsup for a few days while we address any initial bugs. It will then be moved to autoupdate (available through the WebAdmin console and control panels) after that initial period.


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