LSWS 4.2.14 Released

Discussion in 'News' started by Michael, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Howdy all,

    We've just released LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.14. This release adds support for mod_env and Mod_setenvif. More importantly, though, it fixes a bug revealed by cPanel's release. This release changed how suspended accounts were handled. This change then exposed an issue in LSWS causing accounts with a partial match to a suspended account to also be suspended.

    Though 4.2.13 was never pushed to autoupdate, we have decided to release this bug fix as 4.2.14. This is because the bug fixed existed in versions before 4.2.13 and affected a reasonably large number of users. 4.2.14 is now on autoupdate, so you can update using the lsup command or through our control panel plugins and the WebAdmin console.

    We are glad that we were able to isolate and fix this bug quickly, but, in the future, we will be working even harder to make sure this kind of bug does not happen. In the past few months, we have developed a much stronger relationship with cPanel. We have been in contact with cPanel since this bug was discovered and will be working with them on better ways to catch bugs like this before they happen.


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