LSWS 4.2.20 Released

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Howdy LiteSpeeders,

We just released LiteSpeed Web Server version 4.2.20. 4.2.20 contains a number of bug fixes as well as new logic that automatically redirects a request to HTTPS if an HTTP request is made to an HTTPS port.

Here is the full release log:
  • New feature: Automatically redirect to HTTPS if a HTTPS port is accessed as HTTP.
  • Fixed a bug in Apache configuration parsing that disables mod_secuirty engine.
  • Fixed Apache httpd wrapper script bug that causes problem with cPanel 11.46 ModSecurity Tools.
  • Fixed a bug that creates swap directory with wrong permission mask.
  • Fixed a bug that causes trouble for serving cached gzipped content to Facebook Crawler.
As usual, we will push it to auto-release (available in the control panel plugins) after a week or so.


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