LSWS 4.2.4 and PHP LSAPI 6.3 Released!

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    LiteSpeed Technologies is proud to announce the release of version 4.2.4 of LiteSpeed Web Server and version 6.3 of PHP LiteSpeed SAPI.

    LiteSpeed Web Server adds three major new features along with a number of minor features and bug fixes:
    • Added Python WSGI support (Apache mod_wsgi equivalent).
    • LSWS will now switch back to Apache automatically when license expires.
    • Added OCSP stapling support for SSL.
    • Added a feature that moves realtime status reports to the RAM disk to avoid blocking lshttpd process in high I/O wait situations.
    • Automatically restart PHP suEXEC daemon if killed or crashed to avoid 503 errors.
    • OpenSSL AESNI hardware acceleration enabled for x86_64-Linux platform.
    • LSAPI STDERR logging is now disabled when STDERR logging is disabled in configuration.
    • Improved Redirect directive processing to make "Redirect 301/..." work in sub-directory .htaccess files.
    • Fixed a bug causing authentication failure when password is blank.
    • Fixed a bug in IPv4 Access Control configuration causing the smaller subnet to overshadow the larger subnet when two subnets overlapped.
    • Fixed a bug in STDERR logging, which may cause interlocking between lscgid and lshttpd worker processes.
    • Fixed a bug causing MIME types such as "text/css; charset=..." to not be gzipped when GZIP is enabled for "text/*".
    • Fixed a bug in SecRuleRemoveById directive.
    • Fixed a bug in ModSec engine when handling collections directives.
    • Fixed a bug in graceful restarting with over 1000 listeners.
    • Fixed a bug causing log rotation not to be disabled when rotating limit is set to 0.

    PHP LSAPI 6.3 adds some minor features and a bug fix:
    • Added apache_get_modules() function to improve compatibility with mod_php.
    • A bug that showed partial original command line parameters has been fixed.
    • Changed GDB stack backtrace generation setting to disabled by default. It can be enabled with the environment variable LSAPI_DUMP_DEBUG_INFO=1.

    As always, thank you for choosing LiteSpeed! These are some big new features. Let know if you find any bugs, either through the ticket system or via bugs [at] litespeedtech [dot] com.
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