LSWS 4.2.5, PHP LSAPI 6.4, WHM Plugin 2.1, Plesk Extension 1.0.2 Released!

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    I'm not sure that will all fit in the title. So, one more time: LSWS 4.2.5, PHP LSAPI 6.4, WHM Plugin 2.1, and Plesk Extension 1.0.2 have all been released!

    LSWS 4.2.5 adds a bunch of new features, including better ModSecurity support, better CloudLinux compatibility, just in time configuration for Apache vhosts, and a new PHP suEXEC mode that will allow efficient opcode caching with custom php.ini's. (We'll put out a blog post soon explaining just in time configuration and the new PHP suEXEC WorkerGroup mode.)

    • Added just in time Apache vhost configuration to improve server startup speed.
    • Major improvements and bug fixes and in mod_security engine: added more transform functions, better variable collection handling, added IP match operators, added MATCHED_VARS support.
    • Added a new PHP suEXEC mode to create per-account worker groups using the LiteSpeed-specific Apache-style directives "LSPHP_ProcessGroup" and "LSPHP_Workers". It is PHP selector-compatible and opcode caching friendly.
    • Improved CloundLinux compatibility — return 508 error page when resource limit has been reached.
    • Rack/Rails: added per-application environment configurations for Rack/Rails context to better support RVM gemset setup.
    • Bundled OpenSSL library has been upgraded to 1.0.1e with support for TLSv1.1 & TLSv1.2 ciphers.
    • Automatically detect and skip very large .htaccess file that can stall server processes.
    • Enabled skipping "File Not Found" logging in error log via rewrite environment variable "dontlog".
    • Added support for "Charset" in Content-Type header for autoindex pages.
    • Fixed bug in handling symbolic race condition when "Strict File Ownership" (equivalent to CloudLinux SecureLink) is enabled. (Special thanks to Rack911.)
    • Fixed bug allowing create/overwrite arbitrary file as root user via crafted symbolic link. (Special thanks to Rack911.)
    • Fixed bug in handling IPv6 address used in Apache httpd.conf.
    • Fixed bug in SSI engine causing LAST_MODIFIED variable to use wrong timestamp.
    • Fixed bug in rewrite engine with URL encoding.

    PHP LSAPI 6.4 adds some performance enhancement and fixes some minor bugs:

    • Avoid multiple debugging sessions when hanging PHP processes detected.
    • Return 508 error page when CloudLinux LVE resource limit has been reached.
    • Fixed bug in tracking number of child processes.
    • Minor performance tuning for suEXEC daemon mode.

    The new cPanel/WHM Plugin introduces a new look and feel and, more importantly, allows you to get a trial license with one click from WHM. Finally, the new Plesk Extension fixes a small bug.

    As always, thank you for choosing LiteSpeed! If you find any bugs, please submit a ticket or report them to bug [at] litespeedtech [dot] com.
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