LSWS 4.2.8 Released (LSCache as an Add-On Coming Soon!)

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We are very proud to announce the release of LSWS 4.2.8. Among other things, LSWS 4.2.8 will allow LSWS users to purchase add-on modules to increase LSWS's functionality. The first module we plan to offer is LiteSpeed Cache as an add-on for VPS, Ultra VPS, and 1-CPU licenses. We will be enabling this very soon!

Here's the detailed change log:
  • Added IP-based licensing.
  • Added ability to purchase LiteSpeed Cache as an add-on. (Coming soon!)
  • Enhanced "external application no abort" feature to allow uninterrupted PHP script execution during server restarts.
  • Updated default error template.
  • Fixed minor bugs in rewrite engine.
  • Fixed bug: Expires headers could not be added to dynamic response.

As always, the release will only be available through direct download and lsup for a few days while we address any initial bugs. It will then be moved to autoupdate (available through the WebAdmin console and control panels) after that initial period.


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