LSWS 5.0!!!

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The wait is over! Welcome to LiteSpeed 5.0
For this new version, we have added new important features and improvements:
  • HTTP/2 Support
  • LiteMage Cache
  • Virtual Host-Level Bandwith Throttling
  • WebSocket Proxying
  • More Specific Build Numbers
We are very proud to be the first widely used web server to support the internet's most fundamental protocol.
HTTP/2 will offer improved performance and security.
For additional information, make sure to visit our blog to read our previous posts on the subject.

With this new version, we are also releasing a new product: LiteMage Cache.
LiteMage uses hole punching (enabled by LSWS 5.0's ESI support) to allow for easy partial caching with Magento. This translates into a significant increase in the amount of content that can be cached for Magento installations.
Our preliminary tests have indicated that LiteMage Cache is 15-20x faster than competitors' Varnish-based solutions.
Further information can be found on our LiteMage Cache page.​

WebSocket Proxying:
LSWS's WebSocket proxy support makes hosting WebSocket applications easier since it allows hosts to control incoming WebSocket connections through LSWS and serve pages through LSWS with content that includes WebSockets. For more information on WebSockets, see our previous blog posts.​

More Specific Build Names:
At LiteSpeed, we update our code incredibly often. We pride ourselves on the speed with which we respond to bug and issue reports. We realize, though, that it is sometimes important to our users to know exactly which build of LSWS they are using. That is why we have added an extra build number to keep track of this.
Check out our updated lsup wiki for information on viewing and using these build numbers.
For a full list of all the new features in LSWS 5.0, consult our release log.


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