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    I'm still having a small problem with getting the LSWS to run my RAILS application using the Ruby LSAPI. When I attempt to run my application it just dumps the dispatch.lsapi instead of running the application. Do I have set the script?? Thanks in Advance..

    Here are the steps I did...

    $ cd ruby-lsapi-1.0
    $ ruby setup.rb config
    $ ruby setup.rb setup
    $ ruby setup.rb install

    Copy dispatch.lsapi to Rails app's public/ directory
    Change rewrite rule in public/.htaccess as described in Ruby LSAPI README
    Server Configuration > External Apps > Add, Type: LSAPI APP
    Name: RubyLsapi
    Address: uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsruby.sock
    Max Connections: 10
    Environment: LSAPI_CHILDREN=10

    Then I finally created a context in the VirtualHost using LiteSpeedApi

    URI: /dispatch.lsapi
    LSAPI: [Server Level]: RubyLsapi
    AllowOverride: ALL
    AllowAccess: ALL
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