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Discussion in 'Ruby/Rails' started by nathanc, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. nathanc

    nathanc Well-Known Member

    I was doing a "top" to see what processes come alive when the lsws is reloaded. I noticed that all the rails apps were fired up for about 5 seconds. This causes cpu spikes.

    I wanted to see what kind of performance hit that would be. Using httperf
    for load testing. While doing the load test I did a couple of reloads. The reloads cause a more then half drop in performance.

    I figure one of the reason is because of all of those ruby process are firing up, only to be shut down seconds later.

    Is there a way for the webserver not to fire those ruby process up ?

    On that note, I cant user your new shared rails hosting just yet. Is there a way to reload a single rails app without having to tell the server to reload?
  2. nathanc

    nathanc Well-Known Member

    I found the answer to be Server > ROR > Run On Start Up OFF.
    That fixed my problem.

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