LTS stable branch for litespeed and openlitespeed


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There currently isn't an extremly stable branch of Litespeed or Openlitespeed. By extremly stable I mean being able to apply all updates automaticaly without any risk of bugs.

You have a stable branch that keeps getting small feature improvements which sometimes add bugs.

Sometimes there is a security release that requires updating to a version with new features that could have bugs and no path to have no new features and just security and bug fixes.

While most of the time the current system works there are often periods that are a bit unstable even with the stable branches.

With apache or nginx we can choose a branch and stick to that branch for a long time, recieving only security fixes and maybe a few bug fixes.

With openlitespeed we were going to offer our customers a managed solution running a single site on a cloud server powered by openlitespeed, but with our own site running openlitespeed we have had to disable automatic updates for openlitespeed because of crashes caused by new features or medium size changes in the stable branch.

What werequest is a LTS version of OpenLitespeed and of Litespeed Enterprise that we can update automaticaly with the guarantee of never encounting bugs. A version that only gets security and minor bug fixes, a version that has been tested for a few months in the current stable branch before making it to the LTS branch.

We would like there to be something like this

Experemétal or release branch : currently litespeed 5.1
Stable branch : 5.0.15
LTS Branch : 5.0.10 with only bug and security fixes applied from the stable branch

I understand maintaining another branch is more work, but if we are going to grow, having more servers, we need a highly stable branch of both litespeed enterprise and of oepnlitespeed.

In cPanel terms of stability, I would say that 5.1 is their edge release, and 5.1.15 their current branch and that we are missing their relase branch and also their stable branch. Some webhosts run their current branch but we run their stable branch and would like to have the same stability with Litespeed.

We currently stick to a version until there is a major reason to upgrade and when we hit stability issues we keep upgradîg until we find a new stable version which we then stick to for as long as possible.

What we are asking is to not need to do this, to have a branch that we are sure is bug free.


Hi, Wanah,

Thanks for the GREAT suggestion !
I understand your concern and your feeling.
Definitely I will forward your suggestion to our developer.

Again, thank you for the input.
Let's work together to make it a great product.

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Thanks for your very positive answer :)

We love Litespeed, and love the way you fix/add things all the time. I just feel that for some usages you don't want to have the latest features but prefer to have a very stable version with almost no bugs.

We are happy to have a LTS version that's 6 months old so long as it works well and has no security concerns and is very stable.

Your software is as stable as any other software when they release new features, its just missing a branch where no new features have been added for 6 months.