Magento 2.2.1 cache problem

Hi, i have 2 Magento v2.2.1 clone installations both running on two virtual machines with same configuration. I made the first setup complete with all the extensions and LiteMage config and everything was ok. Then I cloned the same installation with same settings removed few extensions and added one or two backend extensions and added to secound machine. Same caching setup, same settings (cloned unmodified). But on secound machine the cache flushes itself and response time is at least 3 times slower.
Can you give me a idea to solve the issue?
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I am the system administrator behind the servers that Sorin N's cPanel accounts run on. In total, there are 3 installations: 2 on the same physical server and 1 on a separate VPS.

A. The first installation is and is running on the physical server with cPanel+ Litespeed + Litemage installed. All Litemage statistics report cache hits and the site is running fine.
B. The second install is and is running on the same physical server with, but it's a different cPanel account. This account too has Litemage installed.
C. The third install is and is running on a separate VM + cPanel + EA4 + Apache 2.4. This VPS does not run Litespeed, therefore this installation of Magento 2 does not benefit from any of Litespeed's caching mechanisms.

The 2 installations from B ( - Litespeed + Litemage ) and C ( - Apache 2.4) are clones of each other.

The physical server has a Litespeed 2-CPU license and it has LS Cache root enabled (both VHost and Server). I've also checked if Litemage generates files in /home/b2b-user/lscache and it does. The server also has Cloudlinux + LVE, but the account does not hit any LVE limits.

Theoretically, the installation on the subdomain which benefits from Litemage should get loading time improvements compared to the one on the VPS which has EA4 + Apache 2.4. After some testing with the client, we got the opposite results, meaning that the Apache 2.4 installation worked better. The difference between the two is somewhere between 1.5X and 4X loading time. The installation with Litemage performs much worse than the one with Apache 2.4.

Can someone point us to the right direction? Do we need to open a ticket from our account to get this investigated further?

Let me know if you need any other info.



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yes, it could be some configuration's problem or network bottleneck. Could you please log a ticket with us with server root tmp ssh login details and Magento admin login details, we can take a look.