Max concurrent connections for different licenses.

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    in the document about the licenses, it says:


    We have both VPS version installed and two free version, and the free version had Server -> Configuration -> Tuning -> Max Connections option set to 500 by default.

    Is that safe? We discovered that 250 is working better for us, but that's more complex I guess.

    But is the free standard version cutting off anything above 150 connections somehow?

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    Better Answer Please

    Why are you configuring the standard edition for 500 concurrent connections out of the box if it only supports 150?

    Would this configuration not be doomed doomed to end in failure on load and additional slowdowns on load as the queue is flooded?


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    It doesn't matter whether it is 500 or 2000 out of box. User should be aware of this limit (150) before they install it. Any new request over the 150 (even though max connection settings is higher) limit will be queued until backlog is full. On the other hand, the backlog queue (has nothing to do with 150 limit) would not be flooded as pointed out earlier. anything above the limit will be dropped.

    If you have a higher traffic site, you should use Enterprise Edition.
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    Configure it correctly out of the box

    Hello Webizen,

    Thank you for your note.

    Actually offering correct default configuration is a first good step to engendering trust in your software and your company.

    Making a mystery of this and putting shaky defaults into the default configuration for the Standard Edition is not very nice and not very good business.

    Configuration instructions should include checking the queue limit and matching it to the maximum connections.

    And it would be nice to have a better guide on how to set this properly for maximum performance on the Standard Edition.

    Having to play Blind Man's bluff in the dark is not much fun and a great waste of your users' time.

    Perhaps you could bring yourself to actually make some articulate suggestion on configuration so we could set up our servers properly and not have to guess.



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