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Discussion in 'PHP' started by Jakobi, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Jakobi

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    I have seen another post about this but wanted a little more information. I am trying to optimize as much as possible. Currently I have xCache installed, does installing Memcache offer anything?

    I will be upgrading to the 2-CPU license in about a week so I can use the Litespeed Cache for my vBulletin and Wordpress sites.

    I have 1 server, and a vBulletin site that gets a lot of traffic.

    Is it worth having Memcache?

  2. Yogesh Sarkar

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    If you are running suPHP (default mode on Litespeed), then xcache wouldn't work and you will need to use Memcache instead, along with eAccelerator in disk cache mode.
  3. Jakobi

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    I do have xCache installed and appears to be working great. I guess I didn't know if there was any advantages to having Memcache installed as well. Do you happen to know if there are any performance gains by using something alongside something like xCache? Thanks!
  4. NiteWave

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    Memcache and xCache are different, xcache is opcode cache and used by php engine. memcache is a kind of variable cache -- it's used and configurable by web app like vBulletin. so for quick answer: xcache will speed up php code execution, memcache can be used by vBulletin to store some variables for fast access. so both cache will speed up vBulletin. if no vBulletin core or module configure to use memcache, the memcache don't help at all.
  5. Jakobi

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    Thank you. I think I will give it a try then. Right now I have this in my vBulletin config:

        // Here you can configure different methods for caching datastore items.
        // vB_Datastore_Filecache  - to use includes/datastore/datastore_cache.php
        // vB_Datastore_APC - to use APC
        // vB_Datastore_XCache - to use XCache
        // vB_Datastore_Memcached - to use a Memcache server, more configuration below
    $config['Datastore']['class'] = 'vB_Datastore_XCache ';
    Do you recommend based on your experience that this is better with Memcache? Or can I use them both here?

    Also for my Wordpress W3 Total Cache I have the following all set to xCache:

    • Page Cache
    • Minify
    • Database Cache
    • Object Cache

    In a week I am upgrading to a 2-CPU license to utilize LiteSpeed Cache on my VBSEO, vBulletin.

    Do you recommend Memcache to be used with certain W3 Total Cache options?

    Do I setup vBulletin to use just Memcache? Or can both be used? What do you recommend?

    Thank you!
  6. NiteWave

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    sorry, no actual experience on how to configure vBulletin regarding using memcache or xcache. you may have to decide yourself --- try one by one, and compare the performance.
  7. Jakobi

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