Mobile Performance Issue with LiteSpeed Cache on Google PageSpeed Insights

Hello everyone,
I recently installed the LiteSpeed Cache plugin on my WordPress site to enhance performance. However, I am facing a specific issue when evaluating mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights.

On the desktop version of Google PageSpeed Insights, my site achieves an impressive score of 99%, which is excellent. However, on the mobile version, the score is 0%, which is highly concerning.

I have made several configuration changes in LiteSpeed Cache to try to resolve this issue, but the results remain unchanged.

  1. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with LiteSpeed Cache and mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights?
  2. Are there specific configurations or settings that I might have missed that could be causing this discrepancy?



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The LiteSpeed cache plugin is only supported on WordPress. In this forum you will not receive any support or help for the Cache Plugin for Wordpress. Just write a new thread and tag @qtwrk to your problem description.