ModSecurity Audit Log Blank although block is logged to error.log

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    ModSecurity Audit Log issue - audit log not written to in chain rules

    Hi, I have question about the audit log.

    The following rule I have in one vhost. Upon accessing test.php, as expected, a full capture goes into the audit log

    SecRule REQUEST_URI "/test\.php" auditlog,deny


    SecRule REQUEST_URI "/test\.php" chain
    SecRule ARGS:username "blah" auditlog,deny

    ^ the above rule DOES block my request and it logs to error.log. But nothing gets logged to the auditlog. The Audit Log only fails to get written to in rules with chain in it.

    Any idea how to make chain rule blocks go to the auditlog as well?

    Some settings, server level:

    Enable Request Filtering

    Debug Log Level

    Default Action
    Not Set

    Scan Request Body

    Disable .htaccess Override
    Not Set

    Enable Security Audit Log

    Security Audit Log
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  2. c0ldshadow

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    I have made some progress on this..

    auditlog appears to work for chained rules when the rules are set at the server level, not vhost.

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