More Benchmarks! LSWS vs. Apache and nginx with PHP hello world

Discussion in 'General' started by Michael, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Just released new benchmarks comparing many PHP setups for LiteSpeed, Apache, nginx:

    Once again, LiteSpeed beat all comers, including an impressive 40x faster than Apache with suPHP. That's probably something for shared hosts to take note of.

    We're moving along the series of benchmarks, gradually getting more complicated. You may have noticed I changed the name of the sticky thread at the top of the forum. As much as possible, I'd like to keep the feedback consolidated.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  2. eva2000

    eva2000 Well-Known Member

    thanks for sharing

    Been a while, terminology wise, LiteSpeed Enterprise workergroup is the default out of box PHP setup right as suEXEC daemon mode needs to specifically enabled ?

    How does adding APC Cache 3.1.13+ or Xcache change things I wonder ? PHP tests part 2 worthy ? ;)
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  3. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Howdy eva,

    You're forgiven for not being familiar with WorkerGroup. It just came out in the latest releases. WorkerGroup also needs to be specifically enabled:

    In some ways WorkerGroup is similar to the basic PHP LSAPI setup. (The basic setup could be thought of as having one WorkerGroup.) For this test, because there was just one virtual host, WorkerGroup and the default setup are essentially the same. In real life, though, with more than one virtual host, enabling WorkerGroup will give you a worker group for each virtual host. This will thus end up looking rather different than the default setup. This can be more secure than the default setup (because you can have different WorkerGroups running as different users), but it can also be more resource intensive.

    I'm going to be putting together some documentation about the different PHP setups soon. This is becoming a very tangled web.


  4. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Follow up for eva:

    We just added a chart to help people sort out the differences in the suEXEC modes:

    We're calling the default PHP Worker mode from now on. Both Worker and Daemon can be run as suEXEC or non-suEXEC.

    I'm still working on updating the documentation to make everything clearer, but hopefully we're getting there.


  5. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Howdy George (and everyone else),

    Our apologies if this causes confusion, but we have decided to change the name of the new WorkerGroup PHP setup. The new name will be ProcessGroup.

    We realized this would be necessary while creating documentation to explain the different PHP setups. The default suEXEC setup is called suEXEC Worker. It spawns a brand new worker process for each time PHP is needed. ProcessGroup, on the other hand, has a constantly running parent process for each group (each user) which forks (not spawns) new processes when the user's sites need them. The two setups are very different and we wanted to make sure that it did not seem that there was a relation between them.

    While it is never ideal to change the name of a feature, we are glad that we were able to catch this so early (most have not even begun to use this feature) and hope that it will make things clearer going forward.

    We have just released documentation for Worker mode and a comparison of the three suEXEC setups (Worker, Daemon, and ProcessGroup). Here is also the updated documentation for ProcessGroup.

    We are in the midst of updating all mentions of ProcessGroup/WorkerGroup on the site. Please let us know if you see something confusing.


  6. eva2000

    eva2000 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Michael much better clarification of all options :)

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