My Server Won't Reboot. Down for hours now.

Discussion in 'General' started by Corey Kretsinger, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Corey Kretsinger

    Corey Kretsinger New Member

    I had LS installed yesterday and it seemed to be running fine. Later, I added LSCache.
    I was importing a website from my other server via WHM today and a bunch of errors occurred. The resource usage spiked, so I restarted LSWS. That didn't help, so I restarted httpd.
    Long story short, I wound up rebooting the server to try and get it responding again. The server never came back up. I can only access it through recovery SSH.

    I suspect Litespeed, or LSCache has something to do with this, but the people working on it for me can't seem to get it going. I'm worried that I'm going to mess things up even worse.

    I've attached a screenshot the DC sent of what's happening when they try to boot.

    I'm at a loss and I don't know where to turn now.

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  2. Jon K

    Jon K Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear that happened. LiteSpeed nor LSCache will touch any system related files. Seems somehow something got corrupt on your system, you ran out of disk space and things got overwritten, or your system became compromised. Your Datacenter will be of more help then we can be on this issue as it is system related, I also see you are running cPanel, you may want to contact them as well to see if they have any ideas.
  3. Corey Kretsinger

    Corey Kretsinger New Member

    Thanks. Yeah, there were a couple of files that became corrupt. The system apparently didn't shut down properly.
    Meant to get back here and close this, but been caught up in a flurry of support chats.
    Litespeed is pretty great from what I'm seeing so far. Thank you.

    If you can delete, or lock this thread please feel free to do so.

    Happy New Year.

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