Need Urgent Help Please.. Litespeed not running

Discussion in 'General' started by sahith, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. sahith

    sahith Well-Known Member

    I just updated litespeed to 4.2.7 and rebuild it with PHP 5.3.27. All of sudden litespeed is not getting up. and showing the following error.

    And my TMP directory is 2% Full only. Please help me ASAP.
  2. sahith

    sahith Well-Known Member

    WOW Just came to know my licence key expired. What is wrong with you and your administration. I have $276 prepaid funds.
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  3. sahith

    sahith Well-Known Member

    I solved it by going to "Invoice" and paid from the credit balance. I really dont know why it is not renewed automatically

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