new install issue with VB 4.2

Not certain if it is my end or if it is the anti-DDOS that is causing these issues

1).... as admin... i go into a thread to edit it.... make changes.... site hangs and will not submit thread with changes.... have to refresh the page to get edit to submit... never had this issue before

2) upon submitting a new thread... to ensure thread will post properly we have all gotten into the habit of hitting preview thread before submit..... the issue is .... yes the preview appears but the original typed content does not appear in body for edit if there is an edit that needs to be completed... never had this issue before

3) members submitting new threads are experiencing duplicate submissions..... this has not been an issue in the past

4) Not sure how familiar you are with VB but the display to admin ip address option.... is there a way that the member actual ip can be displayed again.... we presently show the antiddos ip and was kind of hoping we could bring back user ip...or is that an option??

Your feed back would be greatly appreciated