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Discussion in 'LiteSpeed Cache Plugin For WordPress' started by jkdove, Jan 29, 2018.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the history of its existence who has ever installed LSCMD. That's...almost ... a joke. Seriously, Google up, you won't find more than ghost's fart in a dust storm in relation to it. It took me about 15 emails back and forth with Litespeed Tech support, who were Awesome kickass super patient Saints I might add ... just to get the damn thing working. In fact, they had to re-write the instructions due to the initial instructions not working as intended. Anyhoo...

    I LOVE the fact that LSMCD is even mentioned in the new Object Cache...the real booger is getting it to work, which seems to be status quo for anything dealing with LSMCD. There isn't much in the way of documentation at all to even know if it is really doing its job. So that's my questions:

    1. How do I get it working with LSMCD?
    2. How do I verify it after? (As the processes don't seem to be the same)
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    Can you tell us a little bit more about your OS you are running: CentOS 7?Ubuntu 17? or something else? How did you install it ?which wiki did you follow? what error did you experience? We can better assist you as far as we understand more about your situation.

    If you like to run LiteSpeed WordPress cache plugin objects with LSCMD: is there anything missing from this wiki from your point of view?
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    Doh, My Bad, Pong. :) Ok, the easiest place to start is if you can reference my support ticket for the original installation, it will give you pretty much everything you need to know there. LITESPEED SUPPORT TICKED [144842]

    To my knowledge, there is only one wiki...

    Jonathan Kagan was part of the team who helped me to finally install it. It did require the wiki be updated with current information. I just checked and it appears that the installation guide changed even more since my installation was finally completed.... at one point he showed me this, though I have no idea how he got it. Telnet, maybe?

    + echo '[OK] lsmcd: pid=10024.'
    [OK] lsmcd: pid=10024.

    I can definitely SSH and do a "service lsmcd restart" and it shows [ok]. I absolutely have to do "service lsmcd start" after a Graceful Restart / Restart.

    • CENTOS 6.9 virtuozzo [server] v68.0.27
    • LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise 5.2.3
    In LSC, the new Object Cache section shows this after I have it turned on and the proper IP/Port entered:

    Memcached Extension: Disabled
    Redis Extension: Disabled
    Connection Test: Not Available

    Configuration (my server IP replaces

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    Any updates?
  5. Pong

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    I do see the ticket #144842 has been resolved on Feb 1 and we did not see you report any futher issue any anymore. Our system engineer helpped you to fix the problem there. Basically after you installed memcached or lscmd, you also need to enable php-memcached to make it work.
    Still any pending issue?
  6. jkdove

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    Yes, it is definitely up and running and I can see the section in Litespeed Cache telling me that it si enabled.

    My question here is more about how to verify that independently of the Litespeed Cache plugin.

    Where/How do I enable php-memcached? Is that in the php options?
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  8. jkdove

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    Thank you, Pong!

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