Nginx + Apache but LiteSpeed + what?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by redstrike, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. redstrike

    redstrike Well-Known Member

    I am looking for improving my server performance, is there any best combine of LiteSpeed with another guy?

  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Using LiteSpeed alone is your best choice.
  3. redstrike

    redstrike Well-Known Member

    In case i scale out, a load balancer will be stand front of backend LiteSpeed servers. Ngix/Squid/Varnish/HAProxy - Which will be best suit with LiteSpeed?

    My site mainly serves streaming media like Youtube.

  4. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    if have to choose 1 from the list, then HAProxy. litespeed load balancer is another choice.
  5. redstrike

    redstrike Well-Known Member

    Thanks. There are a lot of Load Balancer Company on the market. I'm confused with their features :( I don't know which features suit for my case.
  6. subhuti

    subhuti Member

    nginx can help you if you have a lot of slow clients (like mobile devices)
    nginx will be like a very fast client for scripts on litespeed - litepseed will be able to send data to the nginx very fast and your script will finish faster too. + you can cache some data with nginx
  7. anything

    anything Well-Known Member

    ive 4 x litespeed webservers behind a pair of LVS loadbalancers, which is behind a cdn
    seems to work nicely, is a nice feeling when your gigabit uplink is the bottleneck

    ive always been a little confused as to why i'd setup a cluster of servers, then bottleneck all my ssl connections at the loadbalancer. i like lvs because it need not care about the data, it just tunnels tcp connections. each server is handling ssl, distributing the load is the point isnt it

    in the end i dont think theres really much difference between loadbalancers. your choice is all about the features you feel are important

    i've found HAproxy to be rather poor performance when you need to do sticky sessions
    Varnish is great, but doesn't support SSL (last i checked). i use it where i need to enforce caching
    Squid is super slow, don't even bother
    nxinx i haven't used since the documentation was in russian.
    and i've yet to test litespeed's loadbalancer, mostly cause ive already got a solution that works
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  8. redstrike

    redstrike Well-Known Member

    Thank you.

    If sticky sessions isn't a problem with me, Will Varnish be better than HAProxy? I want to cache dynamic contents too.
  9. anything

    anything Well-Known Member

    i would probably use varnish then.
    you can use it to loadbalance your servers and cache content at the same time
  10. redstrike

    redstrike Well-Known Member

    A server which is running Varnish mainly - Load balancer + Front cache server, will RAM or the CPU speed or the uplink of banwidth be the important thing? Please choose 2 of those factors to help me.
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  11. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Use LSWS with 2-CPU license, it will give your basic load balancing and cache,
    I am not sure varnish can do load balancing or not.
  12. redstrike

    redstrike Well-Known Member

    I have tried the trial of 2-CPU license, it seem difficult to config basic "load balancing"? I want to distribute the load to other backend servers.
  13. milliondollar

    milliondollar Active Member

    Is there any guide on how to set-up basic load balancing for LSWS 2-CPU license?
  14. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    basically you need to:

    1. create web server external app for each backend at server or vhost level
    2. create a load balancer external app with proxy::backend* created in 1 as worker
    3. create a load balancer context at vhost level using load balancer external app created in 2.

    That's it.

    Refer to below wiki (also covers cache proxy for 2-CPU license) on how to create web server external app:
  15. milliondollar

    milliondollar Active Member

    TQ. OK, I have 2 question,

    1. I'm installing litespeed with cPanel. How to do load balancing since I don't insert vhost in litespeed?
    2. When you say basic load balancing, is it just by round-robin?
  16. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    proxy, load balancer external app are LSWS specifics which only available for LSWS vhost. iow, you need to create LSWS listener and vhost as frontend proxy to access backend (cpanel vhost).

    basic load balancing is _not_ round-robin in that load balancer will not route traffic to a backend when it becomes unavailable.

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